Aspen Wood

The Aspen is the smallest woodstove in the Vermont range of stoves. It’s lower height makes it easy to install into fireplace settings. It is equipped with automatic thermostatic operation and the glass is infrared coated to prevent the glass from discolouration during operation. A small cooking plate on the top of the stove provides space to boil a kettle or warm a casserole through. The Aspen is supplied with a generously sized ashpan making for more convenient woodburning over a 24 hour period.The Aspen has a 4.9Kw nominal output, a minimum output of 3.2Kw and a maximum output of 7.3Kw.

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3 Year Warranty This 3 year warranty covers all stove castings, it does not include consumable items such as glass and door seals. This full warranty is only honoured when the stove is purchased from one of our recommended retailers.

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